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Innovation in Medical Education!

Medical Education is very lengthy and tough for any student, particularly when a student just enters the course after passing 12th standard.
Earlier, MBBS study was being started with anatomy, physiology n biochemistry classes from day 1.
But, now, It starts with a specialized study for 1 month, named ‘FOUNDATION COURSE’.
In this, future doctors-students have been groomed with the topics like attitude,communication,ethics,stress management, time management, English language, computer-IT skills etc.
They are meeting doctors n patients in hospitals and getting ‘acclimated’!
2 hours are also spared for indoor outdoor games as well as leisure activities.
This would be surely fruitful for them to learn human values, cope up the stress and adjust in new environment…
Parents of the students are also very relaxed n stress-free to see their son/daughter happy!